Mothers Memorial

How it all began . . . 

In 1953, Mary Cole became the first Ladies Auxiliary president for the United Pentecostal Church Intl. In 1956 the Mothers Memorial fund-raising drive began with an offering of $4,930.63. Ila Ashcraft followed as president in 1960 and served until her death in 1964. Vera Kinzie then served as president until 1994. Gwyn Oakes became president and served until 2015.  Linda Gleason became president in 2016. Mothers Memorial is the name of the annual fund drive. 


Ministries we support through our annual Mothers Memorial Drive:


  • TUPELO CHILDREN’S MANSION Children from dysfunctional families live in an environment with opportunity to grow spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Haven of Hope is a program for girls ages 13-16 with behavioral and emotional issues.

  • NEW BEGINNINGS Maternity care for birthmothers considering adoption and child placement for adoptive couples.


  • LIGHTHOUSE RANCH FOR BOYS Healing broken and hurting lives of teen boys. Ministering in a spirit of love and care.

  • WWW.MYHOPERADIO.COM Apostolic gospel music all day on the Internet at no cost to you!

  • OFFICE OF EDUCATION AND ENDORSEMENT Promotes Apostolic doctrine in schools, colleges, and chaplaincies. Seminars for educators serving in UPCI-endorsed Bible colleges.
  • GLOBAL MISSIONS Appliances, Christmas and children's birthday checks for missionary families, and support of Bible schools.
  • CHURCH ADVANCEMENT - Multicultural and Prison Ministry receives funds for needed literature. 

  • URSHAN GRADUATE SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY Ladies Ministries allocates annually to the library fund. 


For more information visit the web sites of the UPCI ministries listed.

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