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The mission of Ladies Ministries is to equip and mobilize Apostolic ladies of the world for service in the kingdom of God; to maintain a spirit of cooperation with the various ministries of the organization; to preserve Apostolic doctrine; and to maintain and transmit the heritage of the past to the present and future generations through teaching and by example.

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<i>The Girl in the Dress</i>

The Girl in the Dress

How exciting! Finally, a book written just for girls - a book about the importance and beauty of holiness. The Girl in the Dress helps us to realize why it is important to take a stand in today's world on modesty and purity. The authors take an excellent approach concerning the way the Bible teaches us to walk, talk, and dress.
<i>Covered by Love</i>

Covered by Love

Have you ever wondered why some girls choose to let their hair grow to it's natural length? Covered by Love uses clear, easy-to-understand language in a fun and informative graphic presentation to help people, young and old, male and female, understand this very positive teaching.


Have you ever wondered why Christianity has historically shunned tattoos, piercings, and other body modifications, temporary or permanent? 'Unmasked' dives into the historical record, looks at biblical accounts, contemporary non-religious sources and shares personal stories as well.
<i>The Pure Life</i>

The Pure Life

Welcome to the fourth book of “The Pure Path Series.” We began with The Girl in the Dress, followed by Covered by Love, and then Unmasked. These books deliver a message of consecration and dedication.


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Mission Statement: To biblically encourage, equip, and empower women for Apostolic life and service.
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