Grief Recovery

(Posted January 9th 2019 @ 5:45 PM by: Peggy Readout)

Grief Recovery

The loss of a loved one can totally change your life.  Here are some quick tips to help with the grieving process.


1. Talk with a family member, a close friend, someone in your church, about your feelings.  Sometimes the best way to work through grief is to just talk about it.

2. Write a letter to your lost loved one. Tell them how you feel and how their loss has affected you. Ask forgiveness for any trespasses, give forgiveness to them and say goodbye. This may seem strange, but it will give closure to much of your sadness.

3. Plant a lasting memorial in your loved one's honor. Watching a tree or perennial plant grow bigger year after year gives you something to remember your loved one by and it can last generations.


4. Read a self-help or spiritual book on grieving.

5. Talk and share with others that are going through a similar time. You will get help and will also feel better knowing you've helped someone else.


6. Make a photo album honoring your loved one. Put all of your pictures together for a memory book that you can view when you miss them. This is good to pass on to your children in the future.


7. Take a class. Learn something new while easing your grief. There are plenty of classes at your local college or community center that may interest you. 

8. Attend to your spiritual or religious side. This is a good time to get more involved in your congregation. Spiritual growth can help the situation immensely.

9. If you feel angry or betrayed, express your anger. Exercise, write in a journal or otherwise facilitate a healthy release for your anger. Anger after a loss is very normal and will subside with time.

10. Donate some or all of your loved one's belongings to charity. It can help knowing that someone else will benefit from your loss.

11. Help others that are less fortunate to gain perspective on things. It can really make you feel lucky for all that you do have. It will also give you an opportunity to help someone that may need you more

than you need him or her.


12. Don't be afraid to ask for help. If you are feeling especially blue, it is fine to ask for some time off work, extra help at home or an ear to listen to you. Explain that you are hurting and you need help. People will respond better than you might think.

13. Adopt a project and become vitally involved in it. It could be a certain fundraiser that your church sponsors annually, such as an orphanage or girls or boys ranch, a home for unwed mothers, etc. 


14. Make a list of all of the positive ways your loved one impacted your life or the world. Remember their accomplishments, their contributions and their strengths.

15. Visit your loved one’s grave. You can tidy their gravesite and plant or leave flowers or other items. Talk to them and tell them how you feel. It is okay to cry.




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