Tips You Can Use

(Posted March 2nd 2018 @ 1:40 PM by: Peggy Readout)

Tips You Can Use
  • Clean computer screens, glasses, etc. with a coffee filter.  It will take away the dust without leaving lint.


  • Baking a chocolate cake?  Prepare the pan with unsweetened cocoa powder instead of flour.


  • If you have a pulled muscle or strain, use ice – not heat _ for the first 48 hours.  Heat may be used for any lingering aches after 48 hours.


  • Need to fix a leaky faucet?  Install a light fixture?  Change a doorknob?  Http:// is a home improvement site for women and offers “how to:” on many projects.


  • You may have heard the recommendation that we should walk 10,000 steps per day for health.  For most people, 10,000 steps is around five miles worth of walking during the day.  Unless your job involves a lot of activity, you are probably not in the range.  Using a pedometer will help you determine how far you are from the 10,000 step mark.


  • To cut 100 calories

~ Eliminate 1 tablespoon of butter or margarine.

~ Replace 8 ounces of regular soda with diet soda or another non-caloric drink, such as water.

~ Have an apple instead of a single serving bag of chips.

~ Switch from a bakery bagel to a 2-ounce small, frozen bagel.

~ Have a ½ cup of ice cream instead of 1 cup.

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