Write a Memory Letter

(Posted January 5th 2018 @ 7:00 PM by: Peggy Readout)

Greeting cards convey sentiments on every topic from birth through death, but in spite of the wealth of cards available, a good, old-fashioned letter can express your personal sentiments even better.


I discovered the joy a “memory letter” can bring by accident. I was all settled in for the night, cozy and warm in my pajamas, with a cold January wind howling outside. Then I remembered I had to send a birthday card to my aunt in Michigan the next day if I expected it to arrive on time. Not wanting to make a trip to the only store open, I decided instead to write my aunt a letter with some of the memories she and I had shared over the years, and even a few things that she didn’t know about.  My aunt appreciated the letter so much she called to thank me.  “I didn’t even remember some of those things,” she said.


Memory letters can enhance every occasion. Let someone know how proud you are at graduation. Remind him about the time he wanted to quit school in the second grade because he knew he would never be able to add and subtract. Share a memory of your own wedding day with a favorite niece on her wedding day (and maybe a favorite recipe as well.)


You don’t need a special occasion to write a memory letter. Just do it for the fun of it – because it is fun.  You will be amazed at the things that will come up as you write.  A memory letter will take more time to prepare than to write your signature on the bottom of a card, but it will be much more appreciated. You can be almost certain it won’t end up in the trash with the rest of the cards.




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