Safety Tip: When Driving Alone

(Posted December 31st 2016 @ 4:30 PM by: Peggy Readout)



Safety Tip:  When Driving Alone . . .

use caution if you're pulled over by an unmarked vehicle in a secluded area after dark.


There have been occurrences of crimes and attempted crimes perpetrate by drivers impersonating police officers in unmarked cars.  If you find yourself being signaled by an unmarked police car to pull over in an isolated area, it has been suggested by police departments that you should communicate your intention to stop by slowing down and turning on emergency flashers or a turn signal, then drive to the nearest well-lit, populated area before stopping.  If you’re still suspicious, keep your doors locked and only partially roll down your window when the officer approaches.  Ask to see a badge and photo I.D.

Another option is to use your cell phone to contact a police dispatcher by dialing *77, but be aware that the “dial *77” option does NOT work in every state nor in Canada.  If you aren’t sure, dial 911 instead.  Contact your local police or the American (or Canadian) Automobile Association for specific information about a police emergency cell phone number in your area.



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