Home Decor - Quick Fixes to Add Color

(Posted July 6th 2016 @ 2:50 PM by: Submitted by: Peggy Readout)

Quick Fixes to Add Color


Here are a few tips and ideas on how to add color to your home. Whether you are working with a living room, bedroom, office or breakfast room, put some of these to work for you. 

It’s easy to get inspired to add color, but have you ever put something colorful in a room and then felt like it didn’t fit? There are a couple of reasons why this happens. One is you’ve simply added something different. Regardless of whether a room has been professionally decorated or if it just has the stuff you’ve accumulated over the years, a new addition, especially a colorful one can seem out of place. Whatever you add, live with it a couple of days to see if it begins to grow on you and become a part of the room.

Also, when looking to brighten a room, don’t go overboard. A piece of art with too many colors, or multi-colored flowers doesn’t always work. Try picking one, two or three colors that you want to add. For example, in a neutral toned room, place a clear vase with three bright yellow flowers. Then add two to five other yellow things like a couple of yellow throw pillows, a yellow picture frame, and a painted yellow wooden footstool. Now the yellow additions seem intentional and since they are placed at different locations around the room it pleases the eye.

You can do the same thing with as many as three specific colors. Take red, white and blue as an example. A wooden chair painted blue with white bowl of red apples could sit in a corner. Find a throw pillow with all three colors and a couple with just solid red or solid blue. Add some red tulips in a clear vase and maybe a picture with an American flag.

Here are a few simple ways you can introduce new colors into a room:

  • A clear vase with real or artificial flower stems
  • Throw pillows
  • Place colorful glass vases near a window, or fill clear bottles and vases with colored water
  • Candles – get two or three and spread them throughout a room
  • Colored picture frames or pictures that emphasize your color (have a child draw a picture or write out a Bible verse in your color, then frame it)
  • Magazines and coffee table books that sport your colors laid about
  • Paint an old wooden chair, footstool or small chest in your color.  Have fun!  Add dots, flowers, swirls or even words, let your imagination run.


Once you add some of these ideas, you’re sure to be pleased with adding a splash of color to any room.


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