I Saw God

(Posted October 29th 2018 @ 8:04 PM by: Melody Reever)

I Saw God

I saw God recently.

I was at church on a recent Sunday morning and my seven-month-old baby girl, Elyse, wasn’t feeling well. My mom “just happened” to mention that Elyse might have an ear infection and suggested I take her to an urgent care. When I arrived at the urgent care, I noticed there “just happened” to be an EMT (emergency medical technician) team there taking care of an ill man.

We weren’t at the urgent care for ten minutes when Elyse “just happened” to have a seizure while we were waiting to be seen. She was immediately taken to a room, and one of the EMT members, who “just happened” to be there, walked across the hall to help.

An ambulance arrived to transport Elyse to a hospital. I was asked about which hospital I wanted her taken. I really didn’t care for one of the hospitals that was offered, but it was the closest hospital with a pediatric unit. When we arrived, Elyse was seen by an amazing doctor who “just happened” to be a doctor from one of the children’s hospitals in our city.

Once we arrived home, my mom offered to stay the night because she “just happened” to have the next day off work, and she was able to stay to help take care of Elyse.

Where you see the phrase “just happened,” that’s where I saw God. Where many would deem that all a coincidence or luck, I declare that was divine providence! From the EMT already being on the scene to my mom having taken off work weeks prior, God was arranging this so He could take care of Elyse and show His mighty hand at work.

I could sit and wonder why God allowed this to happen, but I choose to stand in thankfulness that I got to see Him at work. I don’t believe in coincidences. These “just happened” moments point to evidence of God, my God—my very personal and amazing God!


Amanda Cummings and her husband, Tyler, serve as student pastors at New Life St. Louis in Bridgeton, Missouri. Her baby, Elyse, will be one year old in December 2018. She loves being a new mom along with traveling, outdoor activities, Italian food, and spending time with her loved ones.

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