Let God Write Your Love Story

(Posted May 5th 2017 @ 9:50 AM by: Melody Reever)

Let God Write Your Love Story

God started the story almost two decades ago. A little boy and a little girl, hand in hand, walked down the aisle of Truth Tabernacle in Bakersfield, California. They were miniature bride and groom. It was a bit more exciting for her than it was for him, but he endured and made a good showing, then promptly went on with the task of growing up. She, however, never forgot that memorable trip when she experienced the excitement of being a “bride” at just a few years old!

Life moved along for the little boy and the little girl, just like it does for every child. They attended different churches and did not have much contact throughout their growing-up years. However, they both were faithful to God, faithful to their churches, and submitted to God’s will for their future. They both desired to meet the “love of their life” at some point, marry, and continue walking in the will of God, in the work of the Lord, fulfilling His plan.

It was fifteen years after they’d been miniature bride and groom. They were both at their district youth convention. The little boy and the little girl had grown up. Neither had ever dated, but by this time were given clearance from their parents to begin walking the path of discovery: finding their one and only true love. Youth convention was a great venue for the search to begin. After a wonderful and exciting church service, they joined hundreds of other young people in the after-service event. By chance (or was it a little bit by “angelic manipulation”?) they found themselves in the same vicinity and began chatting, and chatting, and chatting—for about three hours. The young man went home, flying on the clouds, called his dad, and said, “Dad, I think I’m in love!”

The rest is history! About three years later, they walked hand in hand down the same aisle as before, at Truth Tabernacle in Bakersfield, California, but this time as husband and wife! Brett Mullings, son of Pastor Jonathan and Cindy Mullings, grandson of Ronnie and Laquita (former Ladies Ministries president of the Western District) Mullings, pledged his faithfulness to Brittany Arevalo (daughter of Rudy and Valorie Arevalo, granddaughter of James and Sharon Atkison) in the company of four hundred fifty guests. His little miniature bride had become his beautiful wife—forever, until death.

And that is how God can write a love story!

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