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(Posted January 2nd 2017 @ 12:30 PM by: Melody Reever)

Reflections Magazine

Guidelines for Contributing Writers

  • Please address all correspondence and manuscripts to
  • Ladies Ministries reserves the right to edit all materials submitted for publication. All materials printed become the property of Ladies Ministries, United Pentecostal Church International, and reserves all reprint rights.
  • Contributions retained by Ladies Ministries will either be immediately scheduled for publication or held on file for future publication.
  • The following information must be included:
  • Name of writer
  • Address of writer
  • E-mail address of writer
  • Number of words in manuscript
  • Current photo and brief bio of writer
  • Please submit all manuscripts double-spaced with 1″ margins, preferably in Microsoft Word.
  • Manuscripts should be submitted in upper/lower-case format, never all capital letters.
  • Manuscripts should be 600-1200 words in length to meet our editorial needs.
  • Choose subjects relevant to Christian ladies—ages 16 and up.  Subjects should reflect attributes and attitudes of the Christian lady in an encouraging, uplifting manner.
  • Holiday articles are welcome, but need to be submitted six months in advance of the holiday.  Emphasize the spiritual rather than the secular meanings of these holidays.  Omit references to Christmas trees, Santa Claus, Easter bunnies, etc.
  • Here are a few writing hints to keep in mind:
  • a.  Use active verbs and modern language.
  • b.  Use anecdotes and illustrations.  Show what you mean rather than just telling it.
  • c.  Do not generalize—be specific.
  • d.  Be consistent in style.
  • e.  Before writing, make sure you have a good story item.  Know where you are taking your reader.
  • f.  Be sensitive and creative.
  • g.  Articles must be original—no copied work or copyright infringements.
  • In quoting Scripture, Reflections usually uses the Cambridge Bible, King James Version.  If possible, our writers are requested to do likewise.  On occasion, we may quote from another translation or Bible paraphrase for word clarity.  When any translation other than the King James Version is referenced, please designate it parenthetically.  Enclose a direct quote of Scripture in quotation marks.  Follow Scripture with the place it is found in the Bible in parenthesis.  The period should follow the parenthesis, i.e. “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth” (Genesis 1:1).
  • Generally, we follow the rules of good grammar concerning capitalization.  However, we have our own style of capitalizing biblical and religious terms.  When using biblical names, we follow the spelling as given in the Cambridge King James Version of the Bible.  With regard to synonyms for God, we capitalize such terms as Shepherd, Guide, Friend, and Creator.  (House rules are available upon request.)
  • We request that a contributing writer be a subscriber to Reflections.


Note: We do not offer payment for submissions

However, we send the author five complimentary copies of the issue in which a work is published.

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