What are you Thinking?

(Posted September 5th 2017 @ 11:10 AM by: Suzie Toadvine)

What are you Thinking?

Sometimes we are our own worst enemies!  We often repeat the same mistakes, fall into the same fears anxieties, etc.  Situations that remind us of past hurts can throw our emotions into a tailspin! 

I have been privy to a prime example in recent weeks.

I have been very amused lately by my labradoodle, Berkeley.  Several times he has hooked his leash on our magazine rack, and he cannot move.  Now, if he gets NEAR the magazine rack, he thinks he is stuck and he will cry.  When in reality, he is not stuck at all….it is just what he THINKS.  One time, he had his leash on by the powder room door and his hind leg was actually standing on his leash so,  when he started to move his front legs, the leash pulled and he could not move.  Convinced that he was stuck, he started barking and crying.  And of course, HE was the one holding himself back!!  Now, almost every time he gets near that door….whether he has a leash on or not, he thinks he is stuck and will cry!   While it can be very annoying, it is also somewhat amusing

Sometimes, we are the same way.   We have gone through some really tough times and we remember how painful those events were and often, we find ourselves reminded of those moments and feel much of the same sentiments as we did when we went through them initially.  It is very easy to have a setback just when you think you are over it all.  A smell, a certain restaurant, something that you both enjoyed, etc. can bring back a flood of memories...good or bad, and within moments we are feeling hurt, anger, guilt, pain, and all of the emotions that go with divorce.  It is very easy to get “stuck” in those feelings.

The scriptures say “As a man (woman) thinketh, so is he (she).”   Our thoughts determine our actions.  God’s Word reminds us to DAILY renew our minds.  In doing so, we are made new by the Word of God!  Our thoughts become more in line with His thoughts and it allows us to move away from our fears and anxieties.  Let me encourage you today.  Do not allow your past to define you!!  Let God’s Word make all things new!  Let HIS thoughts become yours!  You can do this!  God is with you!


Suzie Toadvine

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