Count Your Blessings

(Posted January 18th 2018 @ 9:30 AM by: Melody Reever)

Count Your Blessings

When my son, Emmit, was three months old, I noticed that he was having spasms. When he was five months old, he was also delayed compared to other babies his age. I took him to a neurologist who did all kinds of tests. A few days later, we got the call that said he was having seizures and he was diagnosed with infantile spasms. We were told that this diagnosis is something kids can outgrow or it can turn into other things.

Our hearts dropped, but we had peace in the Lord. After another few days, we were having a prayer revival and we asked for prayer over Emmit. After he was prayed for, my husband and I instantly had peace. The Lord spoke to both of us and told us that He was going to heal him!

As the months and years went by, his seizures gradually worsened—ten to one hundred seizures a day depending on the day or week. We started him on medication but the side effects were horrible. The Lord spoke to me again and said, "Why would you give medication to a boy that is healed?" We stopped the seizure medication and later found out that the type of seizures he has are medication resistant.

They did more testing and he was diagnosed with Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, or LGS, a rare and severe form of epilepsy associated with several types of seizures. By the time he was three years old, he could feed himself and crawl, but that was about all he could do by himself. He is now seven.

I believe the Lord is going to heal Emmit just as He told me. I'm only waiting for that amazing day. Through all this, I've had ups and downs, struggling to trust in the Lord from day to day. However, in the last year I have come to see this as a blessing. A blessing? As I thought about how this could be a blessing, the Lord showed me: We have more strength than we ever realized; we are more grateful for everyday things; my faith and trust have grown; we know how much people love and care for us; we have a closer relationship with the Lord; we are more of a witness because our trial is so open for others to see; and we have more compassion for the hardships of others. My wise pastor’s wife once told me to be careful not to get consumed by my own hardships and think I have it worse than others. Everyone goes through things in life; mine are just more visible. It's easy to think that others have it so much easier, but we can't see everything.

Thank the Lord every day for your blessings, even if they're hard to see!

Rachel Schettler attends Abundant Life Tabernacle in Worthington, Minnesota. She is a stay-at-home mom of four amazing boys.

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