I Want to Go to Church

(Posted January 6th 2017 @ 10:45 AM by: Melody Reever)

I Want to Go to Church

Early in 2016, something happened in Sarah’s life that inspired many people on the ABLE Ministry UPCI Facebook page. Her mom tells the following story:

This picture captured a beautiful moment in God’s presence. Sarah was at the emergency room until 4:00 am with respiratory issues, an accelerated heart rate, and a fever. The entire time she was at the hospital, she kept giving the sign for church. She was worried about missing church.

During our worship service the next day, I came off the platform and began praying and crying over Sarah. We were immediately surrounded and prayed for by others in our church. After a few minutes, Sarah pointed to a microphone. She wanted to sing. She had never done this before.

Our pastor began singing “How Great Is Our God.” He didn’t know it was Sarah’s favorite song. She held the microphone, tilted her head back and “sang” the whole chorus. I am sure the joyful noise that was made in that moment stopped Heaven. Oh, to have the pure, innocent praise of my girl. I am so thankful for my pastor, Reverend Adam Mach, and his sensitivity to God and to our daughter’s needs.

Just as I have been inspired by others’ testimonies of faith, I pray our lives can also be an inspiration. I pray that our journey with Sarah will inspire someone to continue their own journey. Without God, I am and can do nothing.

Julie and Albert Bowen attend The Pentecostals of Southern Illinois with their daughter, Sarah Odum.

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