God Uses Many Different Types of People

(Posted August 19th 2016 @ 10:05 AM by: Melody Reever)

My husband and I have five daughters. Two of them, Kyla and Hannah, are severely autistic. Hannah is ten years old and non-verbal. She is at the level of a two year old. She loves to laugh and see how things work. Her daddy is an engineer, so we think she is taking after him. Kyla is thirteen years old and has some vocabulary. She struggles with toileting, getting dressed, and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) issues. She has a very low tolerance level and has the cognitive level of a three year old, yet God works through her.

During one service Kyla walked past everyone until she came to one sister in particular who had been struggling with a very devastatingly emotional situation. At that exact moment she had been thinking about how sad she was. Kyla went to her and repeatedly said, "Don't cry." The sister then watched to see if Kyla would go to anyone else. She did not. This ministered to her and she reached out to God. She began to worship and weep. Afterwards she declared how God had worked through Kyla.

There was another time when a family was about to adopt three children but the situation had changed. The family was heartbroken. Kyla approached them in service and spoke to them saying, "It's OK." This really ministered to them, as well.

The church we attended had a daughter-work service on Sunday afternoon. There was an elderly saint who continually told us how much she admired us and prayed for us. One day she shared her personal story with me. She had had a special needs daughter but in times past, they placed these children in institutions. Her daughter eventually passed away there. The pain and regret she bore was evident on her face and in her voice. I am so grateful that our children are home with us and we’ve been encouraged to take our children to church. 

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