Wheelchairs, Walkers, and Ramps

(Posted April 21st 2016 @ 12:10 PM by: Melody Reever)

Wheelchairs, Walkers, and Ramps

After renting for a number of years, Saint Paul Apostolic (SPA) was able to purchase a building. Unfortunately it had no off-street parking and all eight entrances had stairs. There were three people in our congregation who had trouble with stairs. We built a sixteen-car parking lot, and then I realized there was an elevation difference from the parking lot to the most popular entrance which led to the main floor.

We built a ramp ourselves, making it wider than required so there would be no problem for someone in a wheelchair. The cost was about $350: the wood, screws, and an anti-slip step grip.

If we have a potluck dinner, it is often downstairs in the church basement. We don't have an elevator but at times we have set up a table and/or brought up food to the main level for people who cannot take the stairs. Various church members eat upstairs with these people as well.

Pastor Roger Barcus pastors the "Minnesota Twins": Saint Paul Apostolic and LAKES Apostolic, located in Saint Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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