Questions and Answers (What Resources Does ABLE Offer?)

(Posted March 23rd 2016 @ 12:50 PM by: Melody Reever)

Q: We have kiddos with special needs in our Sunday school class. What resources does ABLE offer for me? 

A: There are a few books that are excellent resources. If you are interested in starting a disability ministry, an excellent step-by-step guide is a book called, Steps: Forming a Disability Ministry written by Shelli Allen.

A number of UPCI members have written books about how disabilities have affected their lives, including When God Says No: Finding the Faith to Accept God's Will by Denise Wynn (there is a support group workbook that goes with this book) as well as Sweet Pain: Joy on the Road Less Traveled by David and Nancy Norris. 

For specific disability questions, join our Facebook group. There are more than 500 members and many people who are knowledgeable in specific disabilities. Search for ABLE Ministry UPCI.

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