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(Posted September 20th 2017 @ 11:20 AM by: Melody Reever)

I am in awe of the work the Lord is doing among us. It is truly humbling to see the need for awareness, acceptance, and support in the lives of those affected by disability. 

New families have joined our Facebook community and subscribed to our newsletter. ABLE Ministry has been represented in several districts, including Connecticut, Missouri, and Minnesota District ladies’ conferences as well as the New Jersey/Delaware District conference and a Missouri Sunday school teacher training seminar. Please continue to pray for opportunities to share this ministry. 

Denise Wynn, ABLE Director


ABLE Ministry UPCI District Representatives

Q: What do ABLE representatives do?

A: ABLE representatives are responsible for promoting awareness of ABLE Ministry. Each representative's mission is to provide information to the people in her district and connect with families affected by disability. It may be as simple as letting someone know we have a Facebook page, provide printed resources for a local support group, or being available as someone to reach out to in times of despair. It can also involve helping people find resources or organizing local events.


Q: Is travel involved?
A: There are many ways to supply information and most do not require additional travel. For example, if you normally attend a sectional rally or event, touching base with pastors or pastors' wives or Sunday school coordinators about those with disabilities in their churches is an excellent way to spread the word. I have personally discovered that many Sunday school teachers and youth leaders are struggling and don't know there are resources and people available to help.


Q: What about district events?
A: There are numerous districts where the word about ABLE has not gotten out yet! Often ladies’ conferences, camp meetings, and Sunday school meetings have information booths, which is an excellent way to get out the word.


Q: How can I become a representative for my state (or district when states are combined or split)?
A: If you are interested in representing ABLE ministry, speak to your district's UPCI Ladies Ministries president.

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