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(Posted October 31st 2016 @ 10:40 AM by: Melody Reever)

We welcome people from General Conference and the Indiana District to our newsletter! The word is spreading: There is a program of the UPCI Ladies Ministries that ministers to individuals and families affected by disability.

ABLE Ministry UPCI has been busy since the last newsletter! Denise Wynn, ABLE’s director, and Everett Gossard, book editor for Pentecostal Publishing House, presented a seminar at General Conference: “Starting a Disability Ministry: Why and How.” They broadcast it live on Facebook so if you missed it, head out to our Facebook page.

We were also blessed to be asked to participate in the Indiana District Sunday School and Youth Workers Seminar. Stephanie Gossard, ABLE’s content manager, taught on “Kids with Special Needs in Sunday School.” This topic was specifically requested by teachers in the district. We are pleased to hear there is interest in meeting the needs of kids with disabilities in Sunday school. We were able to share information about specific disabilities, ideas for accommodations, and tips for teachers.

In both cases we met many parents, educators, and ministers who are interested in meeting the needs of families and individuals with special needs.

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