ABLE Insights - Accessibility

(Posted April 21st 2016 @ 12:05 PM by: Melody Reever)

Accessibility is more than a practical issue; it is also a theological one. Every individual is a part of the body and when we cannot or are not willing to make accommodations, the body is incomplete.

In the second chapter of Mark, we read an account of four friends who carried a man who was paralyzed to Jesus. Many obstacles stood in their way, including the crowd, the roof, and the attitudes of the religious leaders. One thing we learn from this story is that we should be willing to step over any obstacles and do anything necessary to ensure that individuals with disabilities have access to Jesus. 

The church can provide a safe place where individuals with disabilities and their families can receive acceptance and support; a place where they are looked at with love and grace, instead of shame and embarrassment.

ABLE Ministry is asking the church to consider the barriers that prevent anyone, especially those with disabilities, from entering into Jesus' presence. And after identifying the barriers, start breaking down these barriers.

Denise Wynn, 

ABLE Director

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