God's Love Is Unconditional!

(Posted February 16th 2016 @ 10:05 AM by: Melody Reever)

Happy February! In celebration of LOVE month, I want to remind you that you are loved by an awesome, all-powerful, all-knowing, wonder-filled, forever-present God! The love of God is unconditional, pure agape—deep, true, everlasting love. God loves us on every level: body, soul, and spirit. He sees our heart and pursues our affection, our love, our devotion. Human love is fickle, self-serving, possessive, and demands reciprocity. We look from the outside, determining whether to give or withhold affection and love based on what our eyes see. 

During Jesus' earthly ministry, He often sought out those who society considered undesirable, unwanted, strange, and defective. He showed us God's love does not depend on our merits or abilities, much less our outward appearance. His love is not dependent on our accomplishments. He demands nothing in return for His love. It just is. It always will be. 

Being Sean's mom has taught me how to love deeply. To look beneath the body that sometimes seizes, beyond the deficits of his neurology, and his inability to form words. Sean may never contribute to society in a way the world will ever notice, but God is watching. God is working. God is teaching. God is showing us how to love like He loves.

ABLE Ministry—revealing the love of God to all of His sons and daughters.

Denise Wynn, 

ABLE Director

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