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Ladies Ministries Endowment Fund


What is the Ladies Ministries Endowment Fund?

We recognize the passion of many individuals to use their resources to bless the work of God during and beyond their lifetime. The Stewardship Department of the United Pentecostal Church International makes it possible for your inheritance to be a blessing to worldwide ministries and also to be passed on to your heirs. It is possible to give gifts that will keep on giving long after we have gone to our eternal reward. Be a part of kingdom stewardship through the Ladies Ministries Endowment Fund.

The Ladies Ministries Endowment Fund was created for the purpose of developing a funding source for Ladies Ministries administrative costs. The ultimate goal is that no monies from the Mothers Memorial drive will need to be used for administration. Anyone may contribute any amount to this fund during your lifetime or through a gift as a bequest in your estate plan.


Contribute to the endowment fund while minimizing taxes* and fulfilling your other goals and obligations.

Bequests of a specific amount or percentage of your estate in your Living Trust can work very well. Have your attorney carefully specify that the gift goes to Ladies Ministries Administrative Endowment Fund in the United Pentecostal Foundation.

Gifts of Appreciated Property can provide excellent benefits when contributed to the endowment. These can be gifts of appreciated real estate, collectables, or securities, such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. You can usually avoid capital gains taxes and receive current income tax deductions.

Memorial and Honor Gifts are both excellent ways to contribute cash gifts in memory or honor of someone you love. They can be funded with cash or appreciated property.

Gifts of Cash will be placed in the Ladies Ministries Administrative Endowment Fund . You will receive an acknowledgement of your gift for tax purposes.

Charitable Gift Annuity provides for a high fixed-income return guaranteed for life(s) with special tax benefits. At the end of your life(s), the balance of the annuity goes to the Ladies Ministries Administrative Endowment Fund .

Life Insurance Gifts can be made by listing the Ladies Ministries Administrative Endowment Fund  in the United Pentecostal Foundation as beneficiary and owner of your policy. This can be a policy you presently own or a new policy you purchase as a gift.

Retirement Plans may provide an excellent deferred gift to further the mission of the endowment fund. This is a convenient way to provide a gift and at the same time avoid income tax on the retirement plan and in some cases estate taxes at your death. This is done by naming the Ladies Ministries endowment fund in the United Pentecostal Foundation of your choice Ladies Ministries Administrative Endowment Fund as the remainder beneficiary after your death. You benefit by preserving your retirement plan’s value, which allows you to leave heirs other assets that may have less income tax liability.

Charitable Remainder Trusts allow you to avoid capital gains taxes, receive an income stream for life, and make a significant contribution to the endowment of your choice. Your trust receives the assets you contribute, sells them free of capital gains taxes, provides you and/or your family with income for a period of time, and then distributes the remainder to the Ladies Ministries Administrative Endowment Fund .

Charitable Lead Trusts allow you to provide an income stream to the Ladies Ministries Administrative Endowment Fund  for a specific period of time, receive a charitable tax deduction for the gift, then pass the remainder to your family, while paying little or no taxes.

Life Estate Property Gift is a way to donate your home or farm and retain life estate or usage for your lifetime. You receive income tax deductions now and avoid capital gains taxes. At death, Ladies Ministries sells the property and puts the proceeds in the endowment fund.

* Most donations are tax deductible in accordance with IRS regulations, but you should always consult your tax advisor for specific guidance on deduction limitations.


Personal Endowment Fund

Set up your own Endowment Fund in your name for Ladies Ministries.

With a gift of $25,000 or more, you can establish an endowment in your name or the name of your family in the United Pentecostal Foundation, making Ladies Ministries Administrative Endowment Fund the annual benefactor. Contact the United Pentecostal Foundation for further information.


How to Proceed with Your Gift

When you are ready to give a gift to Ladies Ministries, please contact:


Linda Gleason, President
Ladies Ministries
36 Research Park Court
Weldon Spring, MO 63304
Tel: (636) 229-7895
E-mail: ladies@upci.org


Stephen M. Drury, President
United Pentecostal Foundation
36 Research Park Court
Weldon Spring, MO 63304
Tel: (877) 873-8850
E-mail: smdrury@upci.org


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