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Janet Trout has pastored churches, co-pastored churches, been an appointed missionary, set up non-profit organizations to help people in emotional and crisis times of life, and established Bible colleges via video curriculum all around the world, including Israel. She has served on boards in businesses, including chair on the board of trustees of Urshan Graduate School of Theology and Urshan College. Sister Trout has established and managed successful businesses, overseen building projects and property purchases, been secretary at times, business manager at times, consultant at times, and president at times of corporations—both secular and church related. She has been associated with several businesses and owned several businesses. Sister Trout has overseen fundraising projects numbering hundreds of thousands of dollars in varied enterprises. She has traveled the world, actually owning and operating her own travel business. For forty-three years, she has conducted numerous tours, specializing in the Holy Land. Sister Trout has been involved in matters of site planning and development, land usage, and marketing of properties in Jamaica, including development of a resort property with multiple hotels, golf course, conference center, villas, and condominiums.
Janet Trout has earned multiple certificates and degrees (starting this while in her 60s). She has earned a bachelors, a masters, and a doctorate from varied colleges including Edison State College, Eastern College School of Professional Studies, and Wilmington University. She works with the “Christmas Treat Program” obtaining donations of toys, balloons, and other items each year, and has assisted with the coordination and distribution of gifts to approximately sixteen to eighteen thousand school-age children. Sister Trout has hosted a radio broadcast and is a recording artist and songwriter—recording eight projects, written over twenty songs, and has co-produced and sang on twelve additional projects. She is author of several books. She has preached in numerous churches, camp meetings, and conferences all around the world.

But first and foremost, Janet Trout is a woman of God who is totally committed to her Lord, to biblical truth, to her beloved husband of over sixty years, and to her two children, four grandchildren, and one great-grandson. She has impacted literally thousands and thousands of people in her lifetime. And don’t think it stops in one’s eighties! This lady still has a lot of plans for the next decade of her life.

Janet Trout devoted several years to the care of her beloved husband and was by his side when he passed on to his glorious, eternal reward in Heaven. She plans to someday join him there, but for now, there are things to be done, and she remains busy in the work of God.

Janet Trout has proven that you can accomplish great things if you just step out in faith. God has performed amazing miracles in her life—as when she was traveling overseas to establish a Bible college and stopped in a small shop in the airport to make a purchase before her flight only to turn and find out someone had taken her bag, the bag that contained all her identification, travelers checks, passport, visas … everything needed for the trip. In that huge airport, teaming with people, she turned to her God of miracles for help. A man stepped up, took her arm, escorted her through restricted doorways to a stairwell where someone stood holding her bag asking, “Are you Janet Trout?” to which she replied, “Yes, I am.” He said, “I believe this is yours.” He handed her the bag. She looked away, and then back to him—only to find he was nowhere to be found. In that airport that day, a thief must have been spooked beyond belief when his treasure—the bag he’s stolen—just simply disappeared out of his hands!

That same God has followed Janet Trout through a lifetime, rescuing her in critical times, as when she was fixing her hair, just short minutes from attending a meeting where she was to be presented with the “Mother of the Year” award from the governor. Suddenly, her husband went into cardiac arrest. There was no breath, no pulse, no blood pressure. He was gone! She called on the name above all names, Jesus! Brother Trout opened his eyes and started breathing. Sister Trout dialed 911 for the ambulance, got him settled in capable medical hands, rushed to the governor’s mansion, and stood, serene, and composed to receive her award.

Janet Trout has proven beyond a doubt that undeniably, “I can do all things through Christ.” She truly has accomplished things beyond imagination in a life that has been dedicated to the work of the Kingdom. We wish you the best, Sister Trout, in your remaining years. I hope you can find time for your hobbies: teaching, business, travel, photography, gardening, interior design, SCUBA diving—and, of course, your grands! We love you. Thank you for all you have done to bless so many!